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Deep Dive into Goama’s Tournament Games

In a world where digital entertainment plays a central role in our lives, Goama’s Tournament Games offer a dynamic and thrilling experience that captivates players of all ages. As one of the leading providers of branded games, Goama has revolutionized the gaming landscape by introducing a unique platform that combines gaming, competition, and social interaction. Let’s explore how Goama’s Tournament Games have redefined the way we engage with digital entertainment, bringing people together, fostering friendly competition, and providing endless hours of fun.

What are Goama Tournament Games and How are they Managed?

Goama presents an ideal gamification solution through our casual games platform, equipped with numerous gamification features designed for effortless integration into apps, websites, or microsites. Additionally, our dedicated tournament managers take charge of setting up the gaming platform for assigned partners. This involves meticulous planning, game setup, and a certain level of client management.

What to expect as a new client onboard with Goama?

The initial step entails identifying and defining partnership goals, particularly the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) desired from our platform. For instance, KPIs may include attaining 1000 weekly unique players and generating $1000 in revenue per week from tournaments. Based on these objectives, we will develop a comprehensive plan encompassing game selection, reward types, and amounts, tournament entry fees, and other relevant factors. This plan will be informed by our extensive data and accumulated insights. Once finalized, we will collaborate with the client, seeking their feedback and making necessary adjustments. Following the launch, we will continually monitor performance and data to enhance the platform and achieve optimal results.

What are the types of Tournament Games and Rewards?

These are the two most common types of Tournament Games:

  1. Sponsored Tournaments: In these tournaments, players can participate for free and have the opportunity to earn rewards. The rewards offered can vary and are determined by the client. They can include both cash and non-cash prizes, ranging from physical items like headphones to discount coupons. We can accommodate any rewards the client is willing to provide.
  2. Paid Tournaments: Unlike sponsored tournaments, these tournaments require an entry fee for players to participate. However, the rewards offered in paid tournaments tend to be higher compared to sponsored tournaments. Similar to sponsored tournaments, the client has the flexibility to determine the rewards, whether they are cash-based or non-cash items.

By offering both sponsored and paid tournaments, we can cater to a variety of players and provide exciting opportunities for everyone to engage and compete.


If your brand or company is seeking an entertaining solution to tackle common marketing challenges, Goama is the ideal partner for you. We specialize in assisting brands worldwide with enhancing engagement, boosting retention rates, attracting return visitors, and more. Our user-friendly plug-and-play solution allows for seamless customization of the entire user experience. With our team of experienced professionals guiding you, the possibilities for growth are limitless. Choose Goama and unlock the potential for unprecedented success.


Gamification in Daily Life: Level Up Your Productivity and Fun

In recent years, the concept of gamification has gained significant attention as a powerful tool for engaging individuals and motivating them to achieve their goals. By incorporating game elements into various aspects of daily life, from education and fitness to work and personal development, gamification has transformed mundane tasks into exciting challenges. This article explores the remarkable benefits of gamification and highlights how it can enhance productivity, motivation, and overall enjoyment in our day-to-day lives.

What is Gamification in Daily Life like?

Gamification entails employing game design principles and mechanics in non-game settings to stimulate and involve individuals in diverse activities.

Benefits of Gamification in Daily Life:

  • Infuse excitement into our everyday routines
  • Enhance the enjoyment and rewards of daily activities
  • Maintain focus on our objectives
  • Contribute to achieving success and satisfaction

What are the ways to incorporate Gamification into our life?

There are numerous avenues through which gamification can be integrated into our daily lives. Here are a few examples:

  1. Education: Gamification in education makes learning more fun and engaging, leading to improved learning outcomes. It transforms an otherwise dull learning environment into a competitive and enjoyable experience, motivating students to actively participate and excel.
  2. Fitness: Gamification is a powerful tool to motivate exercise, promote healthy behaviors, and overcome detrimental habits. By incorporating game-like elements, setting goals, and offering rewards, it adds excitement and challenge, transforming exercise into an adventure, encouraging healthy eating, and providing incentives for breaking harmful habits, leading to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.
  3. Managing Personal Finances: Gamification revolutionizes personal finance by setting savings goals, promoting healthy financial habits, and exploring investments. It motivates individuals with interactive challenges, progress tracking, and rewards, fostering responsible spending and long-term planning. Gamification also offers insights into investment strategies, allowing risk-free experimentation. By gamifying personal finance, individuals build a stronger financial foundation and pursue their aspirations.
  4. Tackling Household Chores: Gamification makes household chores enjoyable by turning them into fun challenges. Adding a point system to disliked tasks and rewarding ourselves for completed chores adds motivation and satisfaction to the process.
  5. Boosting Productivity in the Workplace: Gamification boosts workplace productivity through goal setting, progress tracking, and earning rewards. y setting clear goals, individuals have a target to strive for, keeping them focused and motivated.


The integration of gamification into your daily life promotes positive emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, and excitement. This, in turn, enhances overall well-being and improves the quality of life. So why not level up your daily life and embrace gamification to unlock your full potential? Get ready to enjoy the journey while accomplishing remarkable feats along the way!


Sweet Success: Unwrapping the Snickers Business Case in Mexico

Regarding global confectionery giants, Snickers undoubtedly holds a special place in the hearts of chocolate enthusiasts around the world. However, the story of Snickers’ triumph extends beyond satisfying sweet cravings; it encompasses a fascinating business case that has captivated the Mexican market. Let’s delve into the intricate details of Snickers’ journey in Mexico, exploring the factors contributing to its sweet success!

What Goama has come up with for Snickers:

  • Stand Alone Platform
  • 5 Custom Games
  • 30 Tournament Games
  • 1 Six Weeks Campaign (With 128 Prizes from Snickers)

The objective of the Campaign:

The primary objectives of the campaign and games were to boost engagement, generate higher sales revenue, and attract a fresh influx of potential leads. These are the results:

  • +70,000 new users traffic on the gaming platform
  • +1 Million games played
  • +14 minutes on average gameplay

How it drives user engagement? | Microsite

After the game’s release, players are required to actively participate and accumulate points, which can be exchanged for various enticing rewards. Moreover, a leaderboard system is in place, fostering healthy competition among players vying for the top score. The available prizes include appealing incentives such as discounts, merchandise, and more.


The Snickers business case in Mexico stands as a testament to remarkable success in the confectionery industry. Through strategic market entry, consumer-focused initiatives, and cultural adaptation, Snickers has solidified its position as a beloved brand in the vibrant Mexican market.

For companies seeking to replicate this success and harness the power of gamification in their businesses, reaching out to Goama’s sales experts can prove invaluable. With their expertise in creating immersive gaming experiences, Goama can guide businesses in implementing gamification techniques tailored to their specific objectives.

By incorporating elements of fun, competition, and rewards, companies can enhance customer engagement, boost sales, and forge deeper connections with their target audience!


Latinoamérica también vibra con los videojuegos.

Goama Gamification marketing

¿Alguna vez has jugado un videojuego?

Si es así, entonces has experimentado la gamificación. Esta tendencia está transformando la economía de Latinoamérica al permitir a los consumidores interactuar con contenido de manera divertida y enriquecedora. Ya sea que estés buscando mejorar tu economía local, estimular el desarrollo de habilidades entre tus empleados o simplemente mantenerte al día con las últimas tendencias, hay muchas formas en que puedes usar los videojuegos para lograr tus objetivos.

¡Aprende cómo ahora mismo!

Los videojuegos se han convertido en una parte importante de la economía latinoamericana. Esta industria ha contribuido a la creación de empleo, al gasto de los consumidores y al desarrollo empresarial. Y está creciendo cada vez más. Según un informe reciente, el mercado latinoamericano de videojuegos generó más de US$ 10 mil millones de ingresos en 2020.

La gamificación es una tendencia clave dentro del sector. Se dedica a la incorporación de elementos que estimulan la participación y el progreso dentro de contextos no lúdicos. Las empresas pueden usar esta tendencia para mejorar su productividad y optimizar procesos complejos que requieren un grado de motivación entre los participantes. Por ejemplo, muchas organizaciones han usado gamificación para promover el cumplimiento normativo entre sus trabajadores.

La gamificación también puede ayudar a impulsar el crecimiento del sector minorista local, al proporcionar experiencias divertidas y satisfactorias para los consumidores. Algunas compañías están integrándola dentro de sus plataformas comerciales para ofrecerles a sus clientes incentivos adicionales o recompensas por su lealtad. Esta práctica ha tenido resultados positivos para las economías locales. Se estima que el uso de la gamificación puede generar un 20% anual más en ingresos a lo largo del continente latinoamericano.

Pero, los beneficios van más allá del simple impulso financiero.

Hay un enorme potencial para que los videojuegos desempeñen un papel importante en la formación profesional y el desarrollo empresarial en Latinoamérica. Los modelos basados ​​en juegos intensifican la competitividad entre las start-ups, y permiten a estas organizaciones emergentes probarse a sí mismas mediante dinámicas divertidas que requieren habilidad, trabajo duro y creatividad para ganarlas. Además, muchas empresas han encontrado maneras innovadoras de utilizar los juegos móviles como herramienta publicitaria. Esto les permite llegar a nuevos mercados e inversores, sin tener que incurrir en enormes costos publicitarios.

En Latinoamérica todavía hay desafíos para los videojuegos y la gamificación.

Aunque hay muchísimas cosas fantásticamente positivas, todavía existen algunos desafíos para la gamificación, relacionados con su expansión y desarrollo. Entre ellos se destacan:

  • Falta de capital semilla disponible para invertir en start-ups interesadas ​​en videojuegos.
  • Existen zonas con acceso precario a internet, o simplemente no tienen.
  • Muchos no comprenden que es la gamificación o lo ven solo como entretenimiento o videojuegos.

No obstante, los países Latinoaméricanos le están apostando cada vez más a la tecnología y al acceso a internet, ya que han encontrado en ella un factor para apostarle al desarrollo de sus territorios. Lo anterior quiere decir que es una buena oportunidad para la innovación y el mercado.

No es una locura afirmar que Latinoamérica vibra con los videojuegos; además, vale la pena que lo haga. Se ha demostrado que aportan a pausas activas desconectando a las personas de las rutinas fuertes del día. Gracias a esto, marcas grandes como Pepsico, Rappi, Coca Cola y Snickers han identificado en la gamificación, el marketing. Es mejor captar clientes y aumentar la economía a través de sensaciones de desestrés y diversión, que siendo invasivos.

Cada dispositivo móvil tiene un videojuego, y cada persona con conectividad a internet se enfrenta a la gamificación. Es un mercado real que tiene fuerza gracias a las tendencias de las tecnologías y la comunicación.

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