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Celebrating Outstanding Work: Goama’s MVPs of January 2023!

In Goama, efforts and work will never go unrecognized

Goama is excited to announce the MVPs of January 2023. In Goama, we recognize outstanding work done by our fellow team players! Hereby, inviting you all to join us in celebrating their success!

Goama’s MVP of January 2023: Rahul & Ashik!

Rahul (Software Developer) and Ashik (Senior Front-End Developer), have been working hand-in-hand with various projects! With the help of both of them, Goama has launched several projects in a few weeks in Croydon.

Some of Rahul’s achievements for January 2023 include:

  • Supporting the LATAM team in solving critical issues
  • Supporting back-end team for quick delivery – Ooredoo & Dynesty

Some of Ashik’s achievements for January 2023 include:

  • Overcoming several technical challenges with the Nuture Project
  • Solving the voucher payment for Croydon

Team effort makes the dream work

Other fellow team players were absolutely impressed by their work done – especially their dedication to meeting deadlines and their fast response rate to address urgent needs!

Congratulations to Rahul & Ashik!

Celebrating achievement is important – It helps to build and maintain a positive self-assured team. We can’t wait to see who will win the throne to the MVP of February 2023 (:


Unlock the Winning Potential of GOAMA x GCASH! Play-to-Win Now!

Ready to take your gaming experience to the next level?

With Goama and GCash, you have all the tools you need to become a Play-to-Win master! Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, the unique features make it easy for anyone to unlock their full winning potential. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start playing and winning with us!

What is GCash?

GCash is an advanced digital wallet that makes it easy to shop and Play-to-Win at the same time. It’s simple to use: just link your credit, debit, or prepaid card and you can instantly access your favorite retailers both online and in-store. It is also noteworthy that the GCash app is expanding to more countries, other than just the Philippines!

One of Goama’s past games with GCash and WWF

Goama’s Game in GCash App

Speaking of which, you can choose from a variety of Play-to-Win games offered on GCash by Goama Games. From classic hyper-casual games to competitive tournament games! There are plenty of options to choose from so you can find something that fits your playstyle! Find out how to access Goama’s Games in the Gcash app now.

Security & Privacy

Goama and GCash protect their customers with top-notch security and privacy protection. All transactions are encrypted with the latest technology so you know your information is safe at all times. Play and earn to your heart’s content worry-free!

Enhance your gaming experience now!

Don’t wait any longer — unleash your gamer’s potential by taking advantage of the Play-to-Win games offered by Goama today – the future looks bright for anyone looking to become a winner in their gaming pursuits. Download the GCash app (Android/Apple) and play now for a chance at incredible prizes!


Delivery Apps Gamification Strategies

Do you really understand what is Gamification?

Gamification may not be what you think it is – they are not simply a game that you play for many hours and earn rewards through it. It goes much deeper in fact – to motivate the behavior of users by touching on their intrinsic motivations through self-accomplishment. Today, we are going to touch on the Delivery Apps Gamification Strategies

Goama’s Gamification Delivery Apps

Now that you understand what is Gamification, let’s move on to the Delivery Apps Gamification Strategies.

  1. Lightweight Easy Integration to your mobile app or website
  2. Gamified App Experience for your users
  3. White-labeled + Customizable UI
  4. Rewards within App Ecosystem

Increase User Retention using Branded Games

By having a branded game of your own, you will never lose your users’ attention again! Keep your users engaged with valuable content and rewards.

  1. Increase user engagement
  2. Increase user purchase frequency
  3. Increase average ticket

Food Panda into GCash Example

Goama’s platform is connected to GCash, an e-wallet. We developed some games for Food Panda integrated with GCash – the users in the GCash app are able to play the Food Panda games and win vouchers.

Game Customization and Development
Snickers Soccer – 2D | Food Panda Pau Pau Run – 3D | Food Waste Game – 2D

We will customize your game based on your branding, and choice of game genre, and incorporate your logo into the game! We have different types and genres of games you can choose from – or customize from scratch!

Gamification Strategy

Redemption Systems are for users to redeem their rewards and/or prizes they won by participating and winning in a game or tournament.

  1. Tickets: Users can earn tickets as their loyalty points through various activities in the app.
  2. Leaderboards: Users can check their rankings. They will be proactive as they will want to climb the leaderboards for certain rewards
  3. Post-Game Call-to-Action: Users can share their high score on social media as this in return drives new traffics to the app and promote new customers for the company.
  4. Player VS Player: Users who are looking for some thrill to play against another player can have the option to do so.
  5. Social Sharing – Refer a Friend: Users can share their referral link with their friends and both of them will earn tickets.


Delivery App Strategies are important as they are able to increase user acquisition, user retention, and conversion rates. What are you waiting for? Contact us now and find out how we can help your company develop your very own Delivery Apps Gamification Strategies!


Discover the Power of E-commerce & Unlock your Sales Potential

Whether your business is big or small, there’s no denying the power of e-commerce.

From streamlining customer service to increasing your sales potential, it’s a must-have for any modern business. But what makes e-commerce so important? Let’s explore the reasons why e-commerce is essential and how you can unlock its potential in your business. So grab a cup of coffee and join us as we discover the power of e-commerce!

The digital marketplace has revolutionized the way customers shop and businesses sell.

Consumers are turning to online stores more and more, with e-commerce sales predicted to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. This means it’s more important than ever for businesses to have an effective e-commerce strategy in place. Not only can leveraging e-commerce platforms help you reach a larger customer base, but it can also dramatically increase your sales potential. By utilizing digital tools such as social media, email marketing campaigns, and search engine optimization, you can quickly attract new customers and generate higher revenues.

E-commerce provides convenience for customers

Anyone can make a purchase quickly and securely from the comfort of their own homes. Through efficient payment systems, customers can easily check out without having to worry about their data being compromised. At the same time, e-commerce allows businesses to provide superior customer services options such as live chat support or video call capabilities that allow them to better understand their customers’ needs.

Security is a key factor

When it comes to making sure customers feel comfortable while shopping online, security is the number 1 concern. With reliable payment systems in place, businesses can ensure that customer data remains safe while providing them with the convenience they need.


At the end of the day, there are countless benefits that come with embracing e-commerce in your business strategy. Whether you’re a salesperson looking for new ways to bring in leads or a CEO wanting to capitalize on global markets, e-commerce has something for everyone. By understanding its importance and taking advantage of its capabilities, you’ll be able to unlock its potential within your business and watch your sales skyrocket.


Discover What Goama Can Do for Your Business

Let’s talk about Goama what is all about

If you are looking for an innovative way to boost sales, motivate staff, and increase customer loyalty; you are at the right place! Goama combines the best elements of games and marketing, Goama enables businesses to achieve their goals in creative and cost-effective ways.

Using Gamification for Marketing and Sales

Here in Goama, we help many companies to integrate many different types of hyper-casual games into their mobile app, or websites for user engagement. This, in return, enables businesses to create custom reward schemes and challenge-based initiatives to engage their staff, customers, and partners. There are automated processes such as tracking customer interactions and creating organized reports.

What to expect if you choose Goama

We care about your ideas. Once we have the initial conversation, we make sure we do our best to tailor it to your needs and wants. We also give feedback to improve your ideas – all done in the best interest of your company. We have a wide range of games for you to choose from, or come up with a new one as per your request!

What can Goama do for your company?

  • Branded Games – You can choose from our existing 2D or 3D games and customize the game developments.
  • Custom Games – Your very own branded games in either 2D or 3D. The game’s physics & mechanics are customizable.
  • Tournaments – A game that is running for a certain campaign of yours. You will be able to customize the game duration, type, and many more.

Here’s an example of our Community Manager playing and introducing one of our many hyper-casual games.

Why Goama?

By leveraging a business-focused gamification platform like Goama, you have the opportunity to improve sales performance and increase customer loyalty while saving time and resources at the same time. Through powerful analytics metrics, you can monitor progress and make informed decisions that will help your organization be more efficient and productive.


Goama provides an effective solution for any business looking for an innovative way to engage their staff, partners, and customers in new ways that will benefit their bottom line in the process! By taking full advantage of this unique business management tool, you’ll be able to simplify your operations while increasing sales performance at the same time.


Embracing Gamification: How CEOs and Marketing Managers can Drive Increased Sales Through Early Adoption

Goama christmas games

The use of gamification in marketing and sales is nothing new. However, the potential for its widespread adoption across industries has never been greater. As CEOs and marketing managers strive to reach ever-increasing sales goals, they must consider the advantages that gamification can offer – from improved customer engagement to increased loyalty. Now, let’s explore the potential for early adoption of gamification strategies and how they can help drive sales in the near future!

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of game mechanics to engage customers and motivate them to complete tasks for users to earn something for themselves: Through a combination of points, rewards, levels, leaderboards, challenges, and more; companies can create an immersive and engaging environment for their customers. Goama has been using this approach to help many companies drive customer loyalty and increase sales.

How Does Gamification Work?

By leveraging game mechanics, companies can create an immersive environment for customers that encourages them to interact with their brand or product in new ways. Companies can use points, rewards, and other incentives to motivate customers to complete certain tasks or purchases or even compete against each other on leaderboards. These kinds of engagement strategies have been proven to increase customer loyalty, boost sales and encourage repeat visits.

Benefits for CEOs and Marketing Managers

The benefits of early adoption of gamification strategies are numerous for CEOs and marketing managers. By incorporating gamified elements into their campaigns, they can reach a larger audience in a more cost-effective way than traditional methods. Additionally, this strategy leads to improved customer engagement and stronger relationships with customers which drives increased sales over time. And finally, through analytics gathered from gamified campaigns, CEOs and marketing managers can gain valuable insights into how their strategies are performing so they can adjust accordingly as needed. Learn more about why you should add games into your existing mobile app, or website!

Examples of Successful Gamification Strategies

There are many examples of successful gamified campaigns across industries that have led to increased sales. For example, Coca-Cola created an online gaming experience that allowed players to collect virtual bottles while playing mini-games – the more bottles collected equated to discounts upon purchase at physical stores. Another example comes from clothing retailer Forever 21 which created a “StyleMe” app where users could earn points by creating outfits from items in the store’s catalog – those points then translated into discounts when shopping at Forever 21 stores or online sites. Last but not least, Snickers launched a new campaign in 2022 to incorporate various games for users to participate in tournaments to earn tickets – users then can use these tickets to redeem prizes and rewards.

Challenges Facing Adoption

Though there are numerous advantages presented by the early adoption of gamification strategies for driving sales increases there are also some challenges that should be taken into consideration as well. Chief among these is customer acceptance – will your target audience respond favorably to this type of marketing tactic? Additionally, budgeting constraints may be an issue if you don’t plan ahead properly – if you’re not careful you may end up spending more money than expected on setting up the campaign itself or offering incentives such as discounts or prizes for playing games, etc.


Now is the perfect time for CEOs and marketing managers alike to explore how embracing gamification strategies can help drive increased sales over the long term. The potential benefits presented by these strategies include improved customer engagement, stronger relationships with customers as well as greater insights gleaned from analytics gathered during campaigns – all of which can help move businesses closer to achieving their goals faster than ever before!


Celebrating Outstanding Work: Goama’s MVP of December 2022!

At Goama, we believe that great work should be celebrated and rewarded.

We are proud to announce the MVP of December 2022, recognizing a team player whose outstanding work has made a significant contribution to the company and its mission. We’re excited to recognize her for her hard work and dedication, and invite you all to join us in celebrating her success!

We are introducing the winner of Goama’s MVP of December 2022: Danna!

Danna is the Customer Success Manager of Goama. She has been a leader and an inspiration to the team, consistently displaying excellence in their work. From taking the initiative on important projects to developing innovative solutions for difficult challenges, she has demonstrated a commitment to go above and beyond to make sure that the company succeeds.

Some of Danna’s achievements during December 2022 include:

• Developing a positive customer experience

• Focusing on building close long-term client relationships

• Being an active learner to improve herself

The ripple effects from Danna’s performance were instantly felt throughout the organization.

Other team members were inspired by her dedication and hard work, leading many other employees to strive for excellence in their roles. As such, we couldn’t be more proud or grateful for everything this Danna has done for Goama!

Congratulations to Danna, who has achieved success through hard work and commitment!

At Goama we believe it is essential to recognize those who set great examples and demonstrate exceptional performance. I can’t wait to see who will win the throne to the MVP of January 2023 (:


Discover How Gamification Can Help Your Business Succeed

If you’re looking for ways to boost your business success, look no further than gamification.

In today’s digital age, gaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry, and many companies are turning to gamification as a way to engage with customers and increase productivity. From customer loyalty rewards to employee recognition programs, gamification is being used by companies across the globe. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why gamification can help your business succeed and how you can integrate it into your current strategies.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of integrating game elements into everyday activities. It’s used to motivate and engage users by making mundane tasks more fun and rewarding. Companies use gamification to drive customer loyalty, increase engagement with their products and services, and incentivize employees.

How Does Gamification Work?

At its core, gamification works by incorporating elements of game design into real-world activities. Elements such as points, levels, badges, leaderboards, and rewards are used to create a sense of competition and progress. These elements give users a reason to stick around longer and make it more likely they will complete tasks or buy products/services.

The Benefits of Gamification

There are numerous benefits that businesses can gain from using gamified strategies. Here are just a few:

  1. Increased customer engagement & loyalty
  2. Increased sales & conversions
  3. Improved employee performance & productivity
  4. Reduced costs associated with training & onboarding
  5. Improved customer service experiences
Examples of Successful Gamified Strategies by Goama

Many popular companies have found success through the use of gamified strategies. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

  • Food Panda – Driving customer engagement by participating in the PauPau Run weekly tournaments to win rewards. The incorporation of the game has also helped Food Panda to acquire new customers. This game app has been incredibly successful in increasing customer loyalty and driving new customers.
  • Snickers – A 6 weeks campaign in the StandAlone tournament platform with many different games for existing and potential users to play has helped Snickers to achieve 70k new users traffic on the gaming platform. Users are able to interact over a leaderboard to redeem prizes and rewards given by Snickers. As a result, increasing brand activation and user database for Snickers.
  • Pepsico – By having an App Integration allowing players to have frequent visits to play the games has boosted the month-to-month user growth by at least 134%. This game integration has helped them gain an edge over other competitors by providing customers with an engaging experience that goes beyond simply ordering takeout.

How can Goama help your business with our Gamification Strategies?

Here in Goama, you can choose from a wide list of fun hyper-casual games to incorporate into your application to optimize engagement, user acquisition, retention rate, and many more:

Tips for Developing Winning Strategies

If you want your company to reap the benefits of gamified strategies, there are several things you should keep in mind when developing a program:

  1. Understand Your Audience – Know what motivates your target audience so you can provide them with incentives that will keep them engaged over time.
  2. Set Clear Goals – Have realistic goals so you know what you need to achieve in order for your program to be successful.
  3. Make It Fun – Make sure your games are enjoyable and engaging so users will have no problem spending time playing them rather than competing against each other or completing tasks assigned by the company itself.
  4. Personalization– Allow users to personalize their experience so they feel like they’re part of something bigger than just a game or task list.


Gamifying business activities can be an effective way for companies to stand out from competitors, drive customer engagement, increase conversions, improve employee performance, reduce costs associated with training/onboarding new hires, and improve overall customer service experiences. When done right, these strategies can help businesses stay ahead of the competition while creating long-term relationships with customers and employees alike. So if you’re looking for ways to boost your business success, consider integrating some games into your marketing strategy! Look no further and discover how you can incorporate Goama Games into your app (:


Why you should add games into your mobile app or website?

By: Aakanksha Singh, Product Manager | Goama

According to a study by Statista, in today’s mobile app market, there are over 3.2 million apps on Google Play, 2.1 million on Apple App Store. So in all, we have over 5 billion mobile apps!

It is getting challenging for Apps to stand out from the competition with such a huge number. If your app does not provide the users with a value proposition and a fun experience, the users will not download your app, and even if they do, they will uninstall it after use.

The app should have something unique and exciting to offer so that the users stay engaged and use the App more and also keep coming back to the app.

If your App doesn’t have something unique to offer, your app will not only lose the existing users and not be able to attract new ones. This will be a huge loss for your business.

Not acquiring new users will also impact your app’s performance in the app stores as fewer users mean fewer reviews, and thus your app’s ranking will also suffer. So, sooner or later, your app’s operational cost will become a loss for your business.

So, the question comes, what can you do to make your app stand out and offer an interesting user experience?

The answer is – Add Games To Your Existing Mobile App/Website.

I am Aakanksha Singh, Product Manager at Goama. In this article of mine, I will guide you WHY and HOW to Integrate games to your existing mobile app. Let’s get started.

Add games to your existing app

Add a separate game section in your app. Strategically provide CTAs (Call To Actions ) to drive users there.

  1. Add Just for Play games that the users can enjoy.
  2. Use Advanced Gamification techniques which can up your App performance by ten folds.

Let’s explore both options thoroughly. You can also jump to the bottom of the Blog and check how you can achieve this at Goama.

1. Add just for play games to the existing mobile app

existing mobile app

Add a Games section in your App and turn your non-gaming app into a gaming powerhouse. Choose an attractive game and give your users a unique reason to keep your App installed and use it again and again. From our self help portal you can change games in a few clicks. 

Suggestion to Growth Hack:

  1. Conduct A/B Test on which Game is turning out to be most engaging 
  2. Place the Gaming Section strategically on your App’s Home page/separate section/Carousel/New Announcements, etc.

Talk to our Growth Hack Team. Contact us.

2. Use Advanced Gamification Techniques

Mobile app gamification is about adding game components in the mobile app to make the app’s user experience a fun-filled one. The fun features in the app help increase the app’s traffic. Moreover, this experience encourages the users to use the app again.

With points gathered, the users will get rewarded for using the app or purchasing from the app, and the app will be able to get loyal customers.

Here are Gamification methods that can be integrated with your mobile app to gamify it:


Tournaments are highscore skilled based game sessions that multiple players can enter to compete between a large pool of players. 

Tournaments are proven to be 8x more effective than just playing games.


It is a proven Gamification technique which acts as the best motivation for the users to perform better. It showcases how other users are performing. This will motivate the users to go the extra mile and be featured on the leaderboard.

Combined with tournaments, it turns into a competition where the top spots on the leaderboard will get a gift or coupon. This will really motivate the users to do their best to be on the top of the leaderboard.

Social Integration

Its a trend having social integration in apps and games. With this, the users can add their social media friends as in-app friends, and then they can keep an eye on the progress of other players. They can share their achievements too.

Sharing their progress and everything will help the users connect with their friends or look out for each other. This way, your app will become a special place for them, and they will use your app more and more.

Note: From our self help portal you can configure everything very easily in just few clicks. 

Benefits of adding games to your existing mobile app?

Adding games to your app will be a great asset for your app. It will not only upgrade your user experience but will also provide a fun-filled experience to the users. The addition of games can increase your app’s ROI by 3x and user engagement by 10x. In addition, it will reduce user churn and make the users revisit your app repeatedly.

Here are some definitive reasons you should add games to your mobile app.

1. To Increase Engagement of your App

Games are and will be a brilliant marketing strategy as it is proven to attract visitors from all genres. 

Once people start getting engaged with your App, it’s an opportunity to retain them and also acquire more users through word of mouth or through our Social Media sharing/Refer a Friend capability.

2. To provide a better experience

The key to ensuring that the users download and keep your app is your app’s experience. If your app offers amazing games with its core features, users will get a better in-app experience.

Games will add a fun side to your app, so people will keep your app installed. This way, whenever they need services/products related to your business/brand, they will use your app first.

3. To push beyond your limits

The mobile game industry is thriving and growing at an exponential rate. By adding games to your existing mobile app, you can enter the gaming industry.

You can transform your product or service into a game, and thus you will get the profit of an app and a game in one place. Venture around different genres and develop amazing games to push yourself out of your comfort zone and experiment with games to provide your users with the best app they have ever downloaded.

4. To provide the users with a reason to come back

In 2022, users are looking for apps that can provide a unique and captivating experience that leaves them craving more. By adding games to your app, you can deliver that unique experience. This unique approach will be the selling point of your app and will help you get more users and turn them into faithful customers.

5. Get More positive reviews

The gamification of your app makes it more interesting and more profitable for the users to use. The in-app experience and the users’ overall experience with your brand will improve, and you will get many positive reviews on the internet.

6. Get an edge from competition

In this competitive world, App creators are struggling to add differentiators to their App. Adding Gaming section to your App could be a real differentiator which can set you apart.

Why should I choose Goama as my Gaming Partner?

List is long, but here are top reasons why:

  • Experts in Gamification strategies and in market since 2019
  • Presence in 24 countries and experience with some of big brands like Pepsico, FoodPanda, Razorpay, Cricbuzz, GCash, BKash, JazzCash etc.
  • Supports all advanced Gamification Techniques like Tournaments, Leaderboard, Rewards, Points, Refer a Friend etc.
  • Integration is absolutely FREE, and Goama does it for you on a live call.
  • Use all features in 30 Days FREE TRIAL. It is sufficient time to conduct experiments as well.
  • We provide On Call and Email support after you Integrate with us
Getting Started on this journey with Goama

Go Live in a few easy steps:

  • Create a FREE Account with us. 
  • Generate your Gaming Page. Customize it. Add more Games.
  • Complete the Integration. Do it yourself or We can do it Free of cost.
  • Go live.
Blog Case Studies

Snickers Games strategy

Snickers launched a regional strategy to create new audiences though Goama’s gaming platform.

Snickers launched a new campaign based in Latam in early 2022 to increase their users data base and increase brand activation through a gaming platform that included prizes for the players.

These are the key points regarding the study case.

Snickers Games and Tournament platform

Customized Games with Snickers brand and look and feel

Snickers and Goama developed together a strategy for picking up the best games to be customized with Snickers brand guidelines regarding the audiences they where spotting.

The company choose 10 games from a 100 portfolio to be branded and customized with the brand colors, fonts and logos to increase brand awareness.

See some examples:

The level of customization inside the games has different layers

  • Tournament Platform: The whole gaming platform is branded with the company brand guidelines to match the look and feel.
  • Thumbnails: The Preview of the game including Snickers Logo
  • Loader: Product or logo placed in the loader of the game
  • Logo Placement: The logo is placed inside the games thought many spots where the brand will be seen during the whole session.

User to player metrics and key performance indicators

6 weeks campaign duration where the company created multiple social media ads to drive new potential users to the StandAlone tournament platform and these are the main results:

  • +70.000 new users traffic on gaming platform
  • +1 Million games plays
  • +14 minutes on average gameplay

Users interacted over a leaderboard to redeem prizes and rewards given by the brand

Check some examples:

Many companies around the globe are using gaming strategies to reach their marketing and sales KPIs

If you are interested in develop a Gaming and Gamified strategy for your company you can contact Goama to schedule a free demo.

contact sales goama

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