06 Jul Social distancing affects mobile gaming tremendously, the trend is getting higher this year 2020

While social-networking sites are reporting massive spikes in use due to social distancing, the vast majority of that growth is less from users scrolling through feeds. Instead, people are leveraging messaging services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It’s clear that direct communication with friends and family members is essential. Consumers’ attention across the globe…

06 Jul Foodpanda Mobile Tournament Powered by Goama List of Winners Here we compile the list of winners for the Foodpanda Mobile Tournament powered by Goama WEEK 3 (22nd June – 28th June) WEEK 4 (29th June 2020 - 5th July 2020) Every week this list will be updated with the winners, so stay tuned and watch this space! How to join? Steps and Mechanics 1. You... foodpanda-goama 06 Jul Foodpanda Mobile Tournament Week 4 Winners Announcement

Hello, beloved participants! 💖 We are excited to announce the 40 winners of last week’s Foodpanda Mobile Tournament powered by Goama which held on 29 June 2020 and ended on 5 July 2020, 23:59 pm. First of all, we would like to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in the tournament and…

25 Jun Foodpanda Mobile Game Tournament Winners Announcement ATTENTION EVERYONE! ARE YOU READY? We are super excited to announce the 74 winners of the foodpanda Mobile Game Tournament powered by Goama (Week 3 - 22nd June - 28th June) CHECK THE LIST BELOW FOR THE WEEK 3 WINNERS, CONGRATULATIONS! foodpanda ID/email Rank Cash Reward [email protected] 1 $50 271786 2 $30 182779 3 $30... 25 Jun Foodpanda Mobile Game Tournament is BACK! – Goama Blog Good news! The foodpanda mobile game tournament powered by Goama is now back! This time, we have five different exciting games for you to choose from. Starting 22nd of June 2020 onwards foodpanda riders who have completed at least 1 order during the week of the tournament have a chance to win up to $50.00... 23 Jun The Anatomy of a Hyper-Casual Mobile Game – Goama Blog

Hyper casual games are simple, easy-to-understand gaming experiences that provide immediate, instant satisfaction for players. They’re also a mobile monetization phenomenon. The background and benefits of producing hyper-casual is known to many, but this section covers the main points that will get anyone up to speed. Simple, short and satisfying Hyper casual games are designed…

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