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Add excitement and engagement to your marketing campaigns with branded games and gamification strategies

“Branded games with customization features offer engaging experiences for users to interact with your brand.”

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Brand exposure and interaction

We suggest using games to promote your brand and gain exposure. This is a very effective method available on the market.

By giving your customers the opportunity to play games related to your brand, you can increase their loyalty to your company and help them remember you in the long-term. 

We offer a wide range of more than 100 games with over 27 million people playing each month. We also provide complete customization services.

Game customization levels

We provide different levels of game customization, there are several techniques available to promote engaging gameplay while effectively conveying a desired message.

Game Reskin Level 1

Game cover design

Logo personalization

user engagement gamification

Game Reskin level 2

Game cover design

Logo personalization

Background and colors

Product placement


Game development

Game cover design

Logo personalization

Background and colors

Avatar modification

Banners and CTA

Post game branding


Choose from over 100 games.

We have a wide variety of 2D and 3D hyper-casual games that we can customize to suit your brand guidelines and logo. 

By offering the right selection of games and tournaments, you can boost user acquisition, user retention, and engagement rates.

thunder game
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