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About Goama

Singapore based company with presence in more than 24 countries around the globe

Goama is renowned for its distinct approach to gaming, which combines social interactions, competitive challenges, and casual gameplay.

The company’s dedication to innovation extends beyond game development. They are committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies and trends into their products, ensuring that users engage with their clients’ platforms.

Our history

Our company is a collective of amazing people working from 14 different countries around the world

Our company’s journey has been filled with incredible moments of growth as we keep up with the ever-changing trends in the digital space. At the beginning, we started small with just a handful of diverse individuals from different nationalities, united by our burning passion for creating meaningful connections through gaming.

However, as apps started to flood the market, we saw it as an opportunity to create a community of engaged users on our gamified platform. By integrating our platform as a plug-and-play solution on our partner apps, we were able to expand our reach to more than 18 countries in under a year!

Our success is largely thanks to our exceptionally talented team that is determined to do good through gaming, as well as our clients who believe in our compelling value proposition. Together, we continue to make strides in Asia Pacific and the Americas, motivated by a vision to connect people through the joy of gaming. With great excitement, we look towards what the future holds for our company!

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Mobile gaming is a dynamic and exciting industry that offers boundless potential for companies looking to connect with their audience and make a meaningful impact. No longer are users simply looking for a way to pass the time: they are seeking out engaging and interactive experiences that challenge them, entertain them, and bring them together with like-minded individuals.

With Goama, you have the power to transform your average app user into a skilled slingshot master or ninja sensei, tapping into their innate sense of play and adventure while building brand loyalty and engagement that lasts. From immersive, branded experiences to social challenges that keep users coming back for more, Goama is the platform you need to take your mobile gaming strategies to the next level.

So why wait? Discover the boundless potential of mobile gaming with Goama today, and join the countless brands that have already seen remarkable success in this exciting industry!

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