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Gamification services

We provide a wide range of gamification services to integrate in your App or Web.

Use rewards and prizes to acquire, engage and retain digital users though Goama games in a daily basis

Boost your marketing strategies with gaming strategies

Integrate Tournaments into your platform, create innovative marketing strategies

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Easy and lightweight integration

Customizable UI

Advanced Anti-Fraud

Global Best Practices

Reach a New Level of Engagement

Raise the bar by daring casual gamers to unleash their best with leaderboard ranking and prize pool algorithm, where they can compete for real rewards within your app’s ecosystem.


Goama gamification apps

Unleash Your App's Potential

We are A small team of experienced, but independent thinkers bent on changing the Designing Space.

Drive User Engagement

Awaken curiosity with exciting casual games and real prizes at stake

Foster competition with scores featured on a live leaderboard

Encourage desired behaviours on your app with missions and achievements

Create New Monetization Streams

A new revenue center to execute gamified promotions

Increased spending in other verticals as a direct result of engagement.

New revenue streams from advertisers and brand sponsors

Acquire New Users & Retain Existing Ones

Create a social virality through a community of gamers

Improve user stickiness with daily return drivers and accomplishments

Drive repeat engagement via an integrated loyalty engine

rewards System gamification

Discover New Monetization Streams

With competitive juices riling up, in-app game behavior changes, and players push on to remove restrictions to advance in their arena.

Hours are spent to level up and unlock more rewards which in turn generates a higher turnover for the entire ecosystem.

Unravel the Power of Social Virality

Tap into a community of highly socialized hyper-casual gamers, enabling them to bring into the scene some of the best from their own networks.

It becomes a rave with each gamer challenging one of their own, adding on to the current pool of hyper-casual gamers within our seamlessly integrated platform.

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