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Gamification services

We offer a broad range of gamification services and tools to enhance your company’s growth.

“Use rewards and prizes to acquire, engage, and retain digital users through Goama games on a daily basis.”

Make your users love your platform by using gaming techniques.

Add Tournaments to your website and come up with creative marketing plans.

Tournament integration
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Loyalty systems with tickets

Missions and rewards

Playing games and competing in tournaments are combined together.

Redemption store and vouchers

Make it fun for your customers by offering contests or challenges.

“Raise the bar by daring casual gamers to unleash their best with a leaderboard ranking and prize pool algorithm. They can compete for real rewards within your app’s ecosystem.”

Main objectives you can reach

Every company is looking for growth and retention. We can provide both

Drive User Engagement

Awaken curiosity with exciting casual games and real prizes at stake

Foster competition with scores featured on a live leaderboard

Encourage desired behaviours on your app with missions and achievements

Create New Monetization Streams

A new revenue center to execute gamified promotions

Increased spending in other verticals as a direct result of engagement.

New revenue streams from advertisers and brand sponsors

Acquire New Users & Retain Existing Ones

Create a social virality through a community of gamers

Improve user stickiness with daily return drivers and accomplishments

Drive repeat engagement via an integrated loyalty engine

rewards System gamification

Missions and Ticket System

Our gamified system is the perfect solution for companies looking to drive employee engagement. With our carefully crafted missions and ticket system, your team will be able to embark on exciting challenges and earn valuable rewards.

 Whether it’s navigating through obstacles, completing puzzles or interacting with other players, our gamified system offers endless fun and entertainment that will keep your users coming back for more. 


Ranking and leaderboards for players

Providing rankings and leaderboards to your marketing strategy is a game-changer. 

Users will continue to strive for growth in the competition while being exposed to your brand and the message you want to convey.

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