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Unprecedented growth in China’s HTML5 games market: WeChat Mini Game revenue up 18% – Goama Mobile News

With new reports of unprecedented growth, HTML5 games have secured their place as the hottest way to enter the Chinese gaming market. In the first half of 2020, WeChat Mini Games – one of the biggest HTML5 platforms – experienced a surge in revenue of 18 percent. At a conference in August, WeChat product manager…

Increase mobile user engagement in your apps using hyper-casual game tournaments

Do you remember the popular mobile game Flappy Birds? (Of course, you do, right and you’ve played it before) It’s the game that swept the world for days and weeks, and it’s no surprise—the game entices you from the very first level. But what’s more—it can teach you an essential lesson for the success of…

5 proven tips on how to increase user engagement in super apps

App engagement is one of the most important growth measurements that everyone should pay close attention to because without it all left is a leaky bucket and a questionable growth. As the saying goes… Engagement is key for retention and monetization So here we present you 5 proven tips on to increase user engagement in…


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