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MVP - Celebrating best employee of the month

Celebrating Outstanding Work: Goama’s MVPs of January 2023!

In Goama, efforts and work will never go unrecognized

Goama is excited to announce the MVPs of January 2023. In Goama, we recognize outstanding work done by our fellow team players! Hereby, inviting you all to join us in celebrating their success!

Goama’s MVP of January 2023: Rahul & Ashik!

Rahul (Software Developer) and Ashik (Senior Front-End Developer), have been working hand-in-hand with various projects! With the help of both of them, Goama has launched several projects in a few weeks in Croydon.

Some of Rahul’s achievements for January 2023 include:

  • Supporting the LATAM team in solving critical issues
  • Supporting back-end team for quick delivery – Ooredoo & Dynesty

Some of Ashik’s achievements for January 2023 include:

  • Overcoming several technical challenges with the Nuture Project
  • Solving the voucher payment for Croydon

Team effort makes the dream work

Other fellow team players were absolutely impressed by their work done – especially their dedication to meeting deadlines and their fast response rate to address urgent needs!

Congratulations to Rahul & Ashik!

Celebrating achievement is important – It helps to build and maintain a positive self-assured team. We can’t wait to see who will win the throne to the MVP of February 2023 (:

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