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What mobile games to play during this COVID season?

If you’re looking for something to play with your friends, here are the best mobile games we can recommend while staying at home during this COVID season.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the newer multiplayer games on the list. It’s also surprisingly good. It’s an online FPS game with a variety of multiplayer modes. That includes classic Call of Duty deathmatches as well as a 100-person battle royale mode similar to PUBG and Fortnite. The game also features some mild elements as you collect famous people from the game series and customize them with various weapon and gear skins. There are a few bugs here and there, but these should get ironed out over time.


Vainglory is arguably the best MOBA on mobile. For those unfamiliar with MOBAs, your goal is to join forces with two other players and try to take the base of the other team. You’ll have a whole battlefield to play with, power-ups to obtain, and it does require quite a bit of strategy to succeed. MOBAs are fairly common and popular in the eSports ring and Vainglory is no different. There are over 30 characters to unlock, a variety of game modes to play, and tons of social elements. Or you can just play with bots if you want to. The decision is yours.

PUBG Mobile

It didn’t take PUBG Mobile long to climb the rating board for multiplayer games on mobile. It’s popular, fun, and it works pretty well on most modern devices. You drop onto an island with 99 other players. The last person standing wins. You find all sorts of weapons and equipment on the island. The borders also slowly restrict the size of the playable area. Thus, if you wind up way out in the boonies, the game itself will eventually kill you. This is as good as it gets in the online battle royale FPS experience until Fortnite comes out eventually.


One of the best card duelling games on mobile is Hearthstone. It is one of the most fast-paced, combo-driven, and exciting card games right now. It’s available on multiple platforms so you can play with people from everywhere. You can also connect your account so no matter where you use it, you still get all your cards and decks in one place.


Fortnite is another game that needs no introduction. This is also a battle royale game that’s really fun to play online against other players. Fortnite is considerably different from PUBG though, it uses cartoonish graphics and a lot of fun elements to make the game lighthearted. Plus there’s a whole building mechanism involved here that no other online Android multiplayer game offers. The game also gets fresh content with weekly patches so no matter when you drop down to play the game, there will be something new happening in it. It’s a really awesome game, but it can be quite difficult to master thanks to the difficult gun mechanics and building system that is central to playing it.

Casual Mobile Games

Goama’s new game City Protector, launched by Rappi to aid help in times of Covid-19. The mechanic of the game is to kill viruses while riding in a big bike (sounds cool right?)
Also, this game is for the good cause to aid help in times of Covid-19 pandemic. Now time to kill the virus!

Simple TIPS on how to keep your mobile devices clean and germ free

Did you know that your phone is covered in germs: 25,127 bacteria per square inch, to be accurate. This makes cell phones one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with every day.

According to an analysis from the Journal of Hospital Infection, coronaviruses and other germs can live on surfaces like glass, metal or plastic for up to nine days. And phones are known to be more bacteria-ridden than toilet seats.

That means no matter how much hand washing and sanitizing you do if you turn around and pick up an unclean phone right away, you are potentially exposing yourself to those same germs you just got rid of. In fact, Singapore Ministry of Health’s director of medical services, Kenneth Mak, told reporters at a press conference that cleaning mobile phones was a more important preventative measure than wearing face masks.

Here’s what to do, as recommended by Apple and Samsung:

  • Unplug all cables and turn off your iPhone.
  • Remove any case or cover on the device.
  • Wipe the screen and surfaces with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfiber cloth.
  • If your device is still visibly dirty or germs are of concern, use a soft, lint-free cloth with warm soapy water.


  • Wipe down your phone’s screen with rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant wipe. This can damage your device’s screen and remove the coating that protects your device from oils and grease.
  • Let any water or moisture into openings, like the charging port, speakers, mute switch or elsewhere.

If your device has any case or covering, it’s important to clean that too. Refer to the case’s packaging or informational materials for proper cleaning. Normal household cleaners may be safe to use on only the case. Make sure the case is dry before putting it back on your device. If your phone’s case is dirtier than you care to admit, you might consider just getting a new one.

If you want to truly disinfect your device, however, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents and other cleaners could be damaging. Instead, these ultraviolet light cleansers are specifically designed to keep your phone germ free by bathing it in UV rays. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation is an established and effective method of disinfection.

Don’t use your phone in the toilet. One survey found 88 percent of people have admitted to doing so, but a report from the Chinese Center for Disease Control suggests that coronavirus may have been able to spread so quickly because it’s been “transmitted through the potential fecal-oral route.”


Goama & Rappi partnering together for a cause to fight against COVID-19

Through the City Protector game, which is completely free, users will be able to accumulate points that will later be converted into money. Each point accumulated during a game session will donate to the Take a Child by the Hand Foundation and its Solidarity Menu program.[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”Read more…” font_container=”tag:h5|text_align:left|color:%2374309b” use_theme_fonts=”yes” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.larepublica.co%2Fempresas%2Fpor-medio-de-rappigames-se-podran-hacer-donaciones-para-afectados-con-covid-19-2990577||target:%20_blank|”][stm_spacer height=”40″][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Goama’s new game City Protector, launched by Rappi to aid help in times of Covid-19

“We wanted to get the community to participate in a fun way in this donation, through a dynamic game that closely resembles the situation that we are experiencing in various countries. At City Protector we must make an effort to achieve a joint goal that benefits all of us, “says Nicolás Koifman, Vice President for Latin America at Goama Games.

Gamification has been used in a variety of industries, with Goama Games attempting to bring the idea to traditional donations. CEO and co-founder Taro Araya sees City Protector as a way to unite the community towards a shared goal that will ultimately benefit everyone. Gamification encourages people to help through conjoined game mechanics, and as such, he believes that this is an effective method in garnering donations. Through this innovative approach, it allows donors to see their efforts come to life in a meaningful way, giving them an extra incentive for offering their support; proving that small actions can still create big results.


With Goama’s new game City Protector, Rappi will add resources to support the fight against Covid-19.

The Advergaming has proved a powerful weapon to conquer audiences and now Rappi committed this technique to find ways to support the fight against coronavirus.

Over the years, the video game industry has become a highly profitable space for investors, according to the figures projected by Newzoo and AAStocks presented by Statista, it is estimated that this year the number of players will amount to 2,000 471 million people worldwide and this figure is projected to reach 2.725 billion people by 2021.
[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”Read more…” font_container=”tag:h5|text_align:left|color:%2374309b” use_theme_fonts=”yes” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.merca20.com%2Fcon-este-videojuego-rappi-sumara-recursos-para-apoyar-la-lucha-contra-el-coronavirus%2F||target:%20_blank|”][stm_spacer height=”40″][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Why Casual eSports is the next big thing?

Last year has undoubtedly been a big one for mobile esports. With that said is casual esports the next big thing?

Mobile esports do exist, but in general, the mobile gaming space is associated with a softer kind of gamer and invites a more casual atmosphere. You can play mobile games on your way to work, before you fall asleep in bed, or while you’re at the beach. The idea is not that mobile gaming is only a leisurely adventure, but that the space is open to a wider audience.

You aren’t chained to your computer with a keyboard and mouse and can enjoy mobile games wherever and whenever you want.

The thing that ties esports together is the level of competitiveness the players bring to the controller, the keyboard, or even the phone.

With that said this kind of games often called hyper-casual games

What are Hyper-Casual Games?

Hyper-casual games are easy to learn and play, plus they’re addictive, with very little time and attention required.

These games typically have intuitive mechanics that can remain consistent throughout gameplay or can require more dexterity as the game increases in difficulty.

More intricate games can alienate players who do not have the time required to learn or play, but hyper-casual games eliminate both of these barriers. The intuitive user interface paired with a user experience that entertains is the perfect recipe for continued engagement and long-term retention.

Where did these games come from? Have game developers been adding complexity for complexity’s sake all this time, or is history repeating itself?

Hyper-Casual Game Mechanics

If these games are easy to learn, what keeps users engaged and motivated to keep playing?

Despite their ease of use, a great hyper-casual game is incredibly difficult to master. As the game progresses, users become more comfortable with the mechanics even as the gameplay becomes increasingly more challenging.

Some mobile games utilize hardware within the phone to manipulate gameplay. The accelerometer and gyroscope, for example, can determine the phone’s physical orientation in space and detect rotation and twists.

The rise of the hyper-casual gaming industry has been a slow progression over decades. The more recent growth of mobile gaming has brought hyper-casual games to the mass market. The next time you are on a long flight, bus, or train, take a break from your own game to see how many other people are gaming themselves.

Casual Gamers are just as equally important as the Competitive Gamer.

In an age where online interaction is at an all-time high, it would be silly to not consider making a game that can break into the competitive scene. So when we take this into consideration the overall answer has to be “NO” the casual gamer is not forgotten, they are just as integral to the success of the game as a competitive player and for the foreseeable future, it will remain that way.

Platforms offering Casual eSports

Goama is providing Casual eSports Engagement Engine wherein
it enables mobile apps to host hyper-casual mobiles game tournaments driven by leaderboards, community, and real-world rewards.

With this kind of service, all we can say is that casual esports is on its way to dominate the mobile gaming scene. With games that any age will enjoy anywhere anytime the future is bright. 

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