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Goama’s new game City Protector, launched by Rappi to aid help in times of Covid-19

“We wanted to get the community to participate in a fun way in this donation, through a dynamic game that closely resembles the situation that we are experiencing in various countries. At City Protector we must make an effort to achieve a joint goal that benefits all of us, “says Nicolás Koifman, Vice President for Latin America at Goama Games.

Gamification has been used in a variety of industries, with Goama Games attempting to bring the idea to traditional donations. CEO and co-founder Taro Araya sees City Protector as a way to unite the community towards a shared goal that will ultimately benefit everyone. Gamification encourages people to help through conjoined game mechanics, and as such, he believes that this is an effective method in garnering donations. Through this innovative approach, it allows donors to see their efforts come to life in a meaningful way, giving them an extra incentive for offering their support; proving that small actions can still create big results.

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