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Advantages of Using Games as a Marketing Technique

Games have emerged, in recent years, as the dominant app category across all platforms. Their proliferation has led to massive revenue gains. A 2020 study valued the mobile gaming market to a staggering $98 Billion, with a forecast to reach $272 Billion in 2030. Companies have started to gamify their marketing campaigns – though many are still struggling to recognize the incredible potential of gamification marketing. 

Large organizations like Starbucks, Deloitte, and Chipotle have already used gamification in their marketing to reap rich dividends. For example, Starbucks’ gamified rewards program has been a big hit among its customers, while Chipotle promoted its sustainability initiatives via interactive games. With platforms like Goama providing easy-to-use solutions to gamify any app, using the power of gaming to turbocharge your revenues is super easy.

Gamification of an app or gamification marketing has a few benefits that you as an organization should know and leverage, including:

  1. Incredibly High Engagement

People engagement is one of the biggest plus points of marketing gamification. Marketing via interactive games holds the attention of customers almost 3x more on average. In addition, the audiovisual nature of games is an essential factor in engagement and user retention.

  1. Fun Without Using Pop-up Ads

Gaming is fun, and fun is marketable. Interactive games that most gamified marketing techniques utilize focus on the fun quotient to attract potential customers. Gamification marketing also benefits from not being annoying like a traditional pop-up or banner adverts. These conventional methods have caused more adoption worldwide for Ad-Blockers, causing millions of dollars of lost revenue for organizations.

Fun, quality content in a gamification marketing campaign increases brand loyalty as well.

  1. Increased Quality of Content

Games are near the top when it comes to content. In a world where more users are young and tech-savvy, furnishing marketing via interactive games increases the quality of the advertised content. The audiovisual nature of games is an important factor in engagement and user retention.

  1. Platform Independence

Gamified marketing techniques can be applied irrespective of platforms. With users split evenly between mobile platforms like Android and iOS, similar gamification procedures can be replicated to reap dividends. Be it smart devices, laptops, or desktop machines, games are universally accessible. As a result, your marketing campaigns or strategies can be aligned to provide a seamless customer experience everywhere.

  1. Increased Affordability

Traditional marketing budgets can reach an astronomical value depending on the brand’s requirements and reach. However, the linear nature of these marketing techniques means that they are not easy to configure according to changing trends and organizational needs. Platforms like Goama can help keep the costs down by using a pay-what-you-need approach and granular levels of customizability. The cost-measuring controls are driven by analytics, presented in an easy to understand dashboard to clients.

  1. An Interactive Way to Tell the Story of Your Brand

Gamified marketing techniques help tell a brand’s story in a more effective way to its target audience. Interactive games require active participation from the users, making them feel like a part of the story being told. Brand storytelling benefits from gamification marketing’s ‘personal’ approach – and results in piquing more interest about a product or a brand. 

  1. Greater Message Retention

From time to time, an organization may choose to create awareness across its user demography of its goals and commitments. Gamified marketing techniques help achieve a wider reach for these kinds of campaigns. Chipotle’s 2013 environmental marketing campaign is a prime example of this. Gamified marketing led the organization to receive worldwide acclaim for its sustainability message.

  1. Easier Collection of User Data for Analysis

Games that are run by gamified marketing techniques can collect user data via interactive surveys and other methods. User data can be analyzed to attract your products towards demographic needs further. What level of data is collected can be customized, and additional security measures to safeguard the data can be applied.

  1. Wider Market Reach

The multi-generational appeal of games has made marketing through them incredibly effective. According to a recent study, games account for 43% of smartphone usage, something that gamified marketing techniques employ to increase their market reach. A global phenomenon, gaming can help your products reach previously impenetrable markets.

  1. Community-Focused

Successful marketing techniques that employ a gamified approach often cultivate a sense of community across its users. Social, multiplayer games are among the top played gaming categories in the world today. In addition, human-focused design elements in gamified marketing campaigns promote social drive in consumers and better the community outlook of a brand. 

Gamified marketing continues to be a hot trend. A 2019 study by Forbes showed that gamification marketing boosted the registration of new users by 600% every month. Nevertheless, many organizations are still in the dark about the positive results of gamifying their marketing. Intelligent, modern gamification platforms like Goama can help your business grow manifolds, gain new customers, and open newer horizons. Gaming has a universal reach – and teaching the power of games in marketing techniques can make the difference between your business and the competition.

If you want to find out more about how Goama can build a game for you to use as marketing or for branding check out our page here.

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