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Will Mobile Gaming take over eSports? And how it can help your business?

Mobile eSports might just be the future of eSports

Games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Arena of Valor & Clash Royale have massive fan bases and are pulling in millions of dollars in revenue.

And developers like Riot Games are catching on and shifting their attention towards creating their own mobile versions of their games.

Even traditional eSports organizations have joined in on the trends, popular teams like Fnatic Immortals and SK Gaming have all established teams under popular mobile titles.

But while mobile gamers are already well aware of how big mobile eSports can become, traditional eSports fans are just starting to realize it and might be a little sceptical.

Two of the most played mobile games, PUBG & Call of Duty

How can games that are less developed and played on less hardware attract such serious players and fans?

Well, the key to this rise in mobile eSports is accessibility, not everyone can afford a massive high-end gaming computer or even the latest console, but nearly everyone has a smartphone and access to WiFi.

And in developing nations with the largest of populations, this couldn’t be more true, as a results mobile gaming is pulling in massive numbers and this only the beginning for mobile eSports.

How mobile games can help your business?

Attractive CPIs are everywhere: Despite a 35% decrease in costs, acquiring hyper-casual users in the U.S. ($0.42 at the end of March) came in at the high end of the scale. However, marketers can expect the highest conversion rates (17%) from users in this region. During the same period, costs in APAC declined sharply to tie with EMEA at around $0.20. Globally, CPIs are much lower, averaging $0.17 in Q1 2020.

IPMs are off the charts: Globally, total installs per 1,000 impressions increased by 18.2% from Q4 2019 to Q1 2020. This indicates users are more engaged with ads and more likely to take action as a result of viewing them.

Advertising provides a positive impulse: Predictably, sessions for hyper-casual games are short (1.56 per user per day) and stickiness is moderate (11% for hyper-casual mobile games compared to 24% for all other games combined). However, this is the game experience the genre was built to deliver.

Platforms offering mobile eSports solutions

Goama is providing Casual eSports Engagement Engine wherein it enables mobile apps to host hyper-casual mobiles game tournaments driven by leaderboards, community, and real-world rewards.

With this kind of service, all we can say is that casual esports is on its way to dominating the eSports scene. With the increasing number of people getting new smartphones every day, it’s a no brainer to try this solution to increase SuperApp engagement and leverage ads for awareness and stability.


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