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Goama & DANA Partner Up to Bring Mobile Hyper Casual eSports to Indonesia

On Sep 21, 2021

Indonesia, September 21, 2021  — Goama continues its efforts in extending its gamification services, and now making its mark in Indonesia through DANA, the leading digital financial service provider for Indonesians. Thanks to Goama, DANA customers will now have free access to more than hundreds of mobile games and win amazing prizes from our competitive and fun mobile tournaments.

The Mobile Casual eSports platform Goama Games, powered by Goama can be found in DANA’s app by accessing “DANA Home” or the ‘Entertainment’ page.  Through this collaboration, DANA users are able to discover “Mini Games” and start playing a limitless amount of fun and engaging games. Players can choose to compete with other players in tournaments and compare their scores against other users. Top rank players can also win amazing cash prizes.

“The gaming industry in Indonesia has shown tremendous growth and is projected to contribute even further to Indonesia’s creative economy. Indonesia is a country with the largest gaming industry market in SEA with more than 52 million Indonesian gamers, thus DANA is excited to finally mobilize everyone in our own Mobile Casual eSports Platform powered by Goama. DANA itself has been available as a digital payment option to multiple gaming providers. Now, DANA’s partnership with Goama is expected to broaden new opportunities, emphasize our position as a financial lifestyle-based app, and further society to digital financial literacy and digital wallet adoption,” said Vince Iswara, CEO & Co-Founder of DANA.

Goama’s cutting-edge gamification engine enables DANA to drive user engagement and acquisition for their partners. Not only is this beneficial for DANA, but other partners and all ecosystems will reap the benefits as well through increased impressions to active users.

“DANA’s users will now have more reasons to visit the platform as they can enjoy themselves through playing fun games within DANA’s platform and try out the tournament platforms to also win some cool prizes. We are very proud to be initiating this with DANA in bringing competitive social gaming to Indonesia,” said Goama Games CEO Taro Araya. 

Goama is the leading gamification enabler, where they help companies gamify their app experiences and create games that are both rewarding and fun for their users. Additionally, gamification allows these businesses to discover new user behaviours which opens up more opportunities to market to their users in more ways.

Wayne Kennedy, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Goama shared that in addition to delivering loads of fun for DANA users, “through custom branded games, tournaments and prizes, we change the game in how we can advertise to customers in Indonesia.”

About DANA

DANA is a digital wallet service by PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe, an Indonesian startup company in the financial technology sector paving the way towards an advanced infrastructure which makes it possible to complete payments and transactions without cash, without card. Born and raised in Indonesia, DANA takes pride in its local creative talents and programmers who have tirelessly worked to build and develop DANA from the ground up. In addition to its availability on iOS and Android, DANA is integrated with various merchants and renowned applications as payment solution, both online and offline. #DANASahabatUMKM reflects DANA’s initiative to support the digitalization of Indonesian micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through the platform DANA Bisnis.

About Goama Pte. Ltd.

Goama is the leader in gamification, setting the benchmark for digital innovation and user engagement. Its turnkey solution offers a plug and play platform that creates unparalleled gamified experiences that enable business partners to build sustainable and engaged online communities. Goama has worked with leading super apps and brands in more than 24 countries to help them drive user engagement, increase revenue streams, and acquire new users.

Goama’s offering extends to brands with customized games on its tournament platform to drive lasting brand engagement that is easily scaled across digital mediums. This creates a paradigm shift in advertising, providing more opportunities for brands to build meaningful experiences for their audiences on their channels or through Goama’s partners.

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Mobile: 0811 9949 387

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