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Good news!

The foodpanda mobile game tournament powered by Goama is now back! This time, we have five different exciting games for you to choose from.

Starting 22nd of June 2020 onwards foodpanda riders who have completed at least 1 order during the week of the tournament have a chance to win up to $50.00 every week!

We will be awarding up to 74 riders each week- the higher your score, the higher your prize!

Steps and Mechanics

1. You must be an active rider who completed at least 1 order during the week of the tournament in order to claim your cash prize. The tournament starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

2. You can win weekly! You will be able to see how much you’ve won for the week via the game’s leaderboard. The prizes are dynamic,  with the highest scorers winning up to $50 for the week.


3. Upon clicking the link, you must input your Rider ID, as seen in the image below. No Rider ID, no prize.

4. The cash prize will be given to you by the succeeding Friday after the tournament.

So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends to join and play now!

Onboarding with us is super easy!



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