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The Next Normal: How startups can reset beyond pandemic?

EMK is arranging a virtual summit to help MSMEs to explore the future of business and investment opportunities from venture capitalists and financial institutes.

This will be a joint initiative of EMK Center, Astha Foundation Bangladesh, YY Ventures, and ygap Bangladesh. Focus of the summit will be to support the existing entrepreneurs in their ideation stage. The summit will focus on creating a linkage between experienced entrepreneurs, investors and promising startups facing challenges to continue regular operations due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Our very own Taro Araya, CEO of Goama is invited to join to share his insights regarding the Future of Investment and how getting things done.

Here is the schedule of events

Time Session Speaker Topics to be covered 
July 25, 2020
11.00– 11.45am
Opening session:  Business leading the post pandemic recovery
Erad Kawser, Country Director,ygap Bangladesh
Shazeeb M Khairul Islam,Managing Director,YY Ventures Rashid Saleh, Founder & President,Astha Foundation Bangladesh 
COVID 19- Implications for businesses sustainable business and prospering society: bridging the gapInclusive business creating a win-win situation in the post-pandemic era
July 25, 2020
11.45am- 12.45pm
Pivoting business during and post pandemicSimon Lee,Head of Global Programs,ygap Leadership Team Coronavirus- pivoting your business- be the business COVID 19- Brands and companies that have pivotedPost pandemic- A roadmap for your business to recover
July 25, 2020
3.00- 4:00pm
COVID 19- Managing the business financial health
Erad Kawser, Country Director,ygap BangladeshEnsuring sustainable financing and stable cash reservesImpact of a crisis in the budgeting and business planning processes adapt your business model to reduce costs, both in the short and medium-term
July 25, 2020
4:00– 5:00 PM
Engaging with consumers during COVID-19 and beyond
Wafi Aziz Sattar, Lecturer, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
Communicate promptly, clearly and transparently Re-engaging customers in the post-pandemic eraCOVID 19: A brand. New. Purpose
July 25, 2020
07:30 – 09:00 pm
Legal considerations: Changing your business model
Nahid Hossain, Managing Associate,Old Bailey Chambers COVID 19 Checklists: Legal and Business Considerations Return to workplace moving from physical to online sales: a key consideration
July 26, 2020
5.30– 6.30pm
Future of investmentNirjhor Rahman, CEO, Bangladesh Angels
Sharawwat Islam, Truvalu.enterprises Limited
Taro Araya CEO of Goama – Getting Things Done
Reinventing the organization for future investments Startups navigating the changing investment climate due to COVID 19 Unprecedented time requiring more than planning 
8.00- 9.00pmInnovation in crisis: why is it more critical than ever?Government official 
Impact Hub 
The case for innovation prioritizing innovation is the key to growth in the post-crisis world the recipe for emerging as an innovation leader
9.00- 9.30pmClosing session: Reimagining the business- 2020 and beyond              Emma Jackson
Asif U Ahmed 
Tina Jabeen Khan 

It’ll be a virtual training. Registration going on!

Registration link: https://forms.gle/yuud9nyCLTJZdN7E9
Registration deadline: July 24, 2020


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/goama-gogames

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