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Social distancing affects mobile gaming tremendously, the trend is getting higher this year 2020

While social-networking sites are reporting massive spikes in use due to social distancing, the vast majority of that growth is less from users scrolling through feeds. Instead, people are leveraging messaging services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It’s clear that direct communication with friends and family members is essential.

Consumers’ attention across the globe has turned from outward spaces to the internal spaces of the home, as we all start operating our daily lives within four walls and within the confines of technology – such as our work, communication with others, etc. But what we are looking for has also changed.

The need for access to digital services like email, internet, Zoom and Slack. Vodafone is reporting a 30% increase in data usage but notes that much of it is coming from people working from home. Streaming video overall is also up (20%), demonstrating our need for entertainment at this time.

What we found, however, is that more people are turning to mobile games for entertainment than ever before. Some 85% of consumers are playing mobile games for relief, according to the Coronavirus Impact Survey to the EMEA and LATAM regions, conducted in late March. Respondents ranged from 14 to 74, but most in EMEA were in the 25-54 age group.

Global Games Market accdg. to Newzoo

This is due mostly to the popularity of social gaming, hyper-casual games and free-to-play role-playing games – the very types of games that consumers are turning to now, to not only release stress but to connect with other people online. And they’re doing it every day, nearly half (47%) of respondents are now playing mobile games on their smartphone every day.

Some are sticking with the tried-and-true: 31% of respondents are playing mobile games that they already enjoy, just more often. But there are plenty that are branching out and downloading new ones: 32% of mobile users surveyed are playing new games on their phones.

How are they learning about these new games and being compelled to download them, and then, in many cases, spend money on in-game purchases? Or, in some cases, clicking on ads from brands to learn more about their products or services? The mobile app user acquisition landscape has grown accordingly, and advertising opportunities abound with all of the attention now being paid to this channel.

So as we shift into a new world, turn your attention to one of the few media channels that are receiving more attention, not less: mobile gaming. This channel is only going to increase in importance. While mobile game downloads shot up especially this year 2020.

With the rise of hyper-casual game services which provides engagement through super apps, mobile gaming is not only for entertainment but also a boost for business initiatives, particularly for ads & brand recognition. To know more contact us using this link

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