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MVP - Celebrating best employee of the month

Celebrating Outstanding Work: Goama’s MVP of December 2022!

At Goama, we believe that great work should be celebrated and rewarded.

We are proud to announce the MVP of December 2022, recognizing a team player whose outstanding work has made a significant contribution to the company and its mission. We’re excited to recognize her for her hard work and dedication, and invite you all to join us in celebrating her success!

We are introducing the winner of Goama’s MVP of December 2022: Danna!

Danna is the Customer Success Manager of Goama. She has been a leader and an inspiration to the team, consistently displaying excellence in their work. From taking the initiative on important projects to developing innovative solutions for difficult challenges, she has demonstrated a commitment to go above and beyond to make sure that the company succeeds.

Some of Danna’s achievements during December 2022 include:

• Developing a positive customer experience

• Focusing on building close long-term client relationships

• Being an active learner to improve herself

The ripple effects from Danna’s performance were instantly felt throughout the organization.

Other team members were inspired by her dedication and hard work, leading many other employees to strive for excellence in their roles. As such, we couldn’t be more proud or grateful for everything this Danna has done for Goama!

Congratulations to Danna, who has achieved success through hard work and commitment!

At Goama we believe it is essential to recognize those who set great examples and demonstrate exceptional performance. I can’t wait to see who will win the throne to the MVP of January 2023 (:

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