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Advertising Policy

Last Updated: 1st March 2022


Goama Games, a premier destination for hyper-casual game tournaments, is dedicated to offering an engaging and fair gaming experience. This Advertising Policy outlines the standards and guidelines for advertisements on our platform to ensure they align with our community values and regulatory compliance.

Ad Source

All advertisements on Goama Games are sourced through the Google Ad Network, ensuring a broad reach while maintaining quality and relevance through advanced filtering technologies.

Prohibited and Restricted Ad Content

To safeguard our community and uphold our ethical standards, certain categories of advertisements are strictly prohibited or restricted on our platform.

Prohibited Ads

  1. Gambling Ads:

    • Ads promoting casinos, sports betting, bingo, lotteries, and other gambling activities.
    • Content encouraging or depicting gambling behavior.
  2. Phishing and Fraudulent Ads:

    • Ads that deceive or mislead users, including phishing scams.
    • Imitations of other entities for deceptive purposes.

Restricted Ads

In addition to the prohibited categories, the following types of ads are subject to restrictions and may only be allowed under specific conditions:

  1. Alcohol and Tobacco Products:

    • Ads for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products must adhere to legal age restrictions and regional laws.
    • They should not encourage excessive or irresponsible consumption.
  2. Financial Services:

    • Ads offering loans, banking services, and investments must be clear, factual, and provide necessary disclosures.
    • No high-risk investments or schemes promising unrealistic returns.
  3. Health and Medicines:

    • Pharmaceutical and health supplement ads must have valid certifications and comply with healthcare advertising regulations.
    • No ads for unproven or dangerous health treatments.
  4. Political and Advocacy Ads:

    • Political ads must be transparent about sponsorship and not spread misinformation.
    • Advocacy ads should respect differing viewpoints and avoid inciting conflicts.
  5. Dating Services:

    • Dating ads must be appropriate and respectful.
    • No explicit content or services promoting infidelity.
  6. Age-Sensitive Content:

    • Content that is appropriate for mature audiences must be carefully targeted to prevent exposure to underage users.

Ad Review and Enforcement

  • All advertisements are reviewed for compliance with our policy standards.
  • We reserve the right to reject, remove, or request modifications to any ad.
  • Violations may lead to penalties including suspension of advertising privileges.

Policy Updates

Goama Games may update this policy periodically. Advertisers are responsible for staying informed about the current guidelines.

Contact and Reporting

For policy inquiries or to report a violation, contact us at support@goama.com

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