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Play & Earn Goama Tickets

Earn Goama tickets and use them to redeem amazing prizes

Play and earn tickets

Get rewarded for your playing time

Play hyper casual mobile games from a select catalog of the most exciting titles out there

Participate in tournaments, complete missions, play any game, refer your friends, and start earning tickets that you can use to mint GOAMA tokens in our future intial game offering event.

Powered by our GOAMA token

We are launching a new cryptocurrency to power our play and earn economy

 GOAMA will be offered in the future to any user earning Goama coins. You can learn more about our Tokenomics here.

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How to earn Goama?

Very simple with our tournaments platform you earn more by playing more

Play games, join tournaments, complete missions and track your achievements

Tickets will be redeemed for Goama coins our in-game virtual currency

For each Goama coin in your wallet, you will be able to claim 1 GOAMA token in our initial game offering scheduled for later in 2022

Be the first to win

Create your player account for free and start getting Goama Coins that you can redeem for amazing prizes

Let's build the best gaming strategy together

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