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GCash Mobile Paid Tournament The Switch Winner Announcement

Congratulations and thank you for participating in GCash Mobile Game Tournament.

The Prizes you have won will be credited to your GCash account within 10 working days (Monday to Friday) after the results for the applicable Tournament Cycle are announced.

THE SWITCH 11/18/2020

tocerojo11,500 PHP
fekakigo2500 PHP
jilepavu3500 PHP
pukefifo4500 PHP
hecugake5500 PHP
hujapoji6200 PHP
fazozucu7200 PHP
pusalifi8200 PHP
pinupezo9200 PHP
rovonupi10200 PHP
dodolufu1175 PHP
bidonoxa1275 PHP
jevoxusa1375 PHP
johakehu1475 PHP
getokonu1575 PHP
cuvegike1675 PHP
lamexihu1775 PHP
nazosalu1875 PHP
fogujile1975 PHP
sutevopa2075 PHP
xuwicane2136 PHP
pixijufo2236 PHP
dotovuci2336 PHP
lacezidu2436 PHP
pavodere2536 PHP
zogaxasa2636 PHP
nejegoxo2736 PHP
rukohegu2836 PHP
fumugawi2936 PHP
medawara3036 PHP
wuvenoba3136 PHP
dihuwimu3236 PHP
kakomoro3336 PHP
dirotizu3436 PHP
garekili3536 PHP
damaloco3636 PHP
cufelune3736 PHP
nujotibo3836 PHP
lularaje3936 PHP
nefolofe4036 PHP
gategife4136 PHP
zuwedoto4236 PHP
mezasaji4336 PHP
voponega4436 PHP
wewobane4536 PHP
jutireza4636 PHP
jewicewa4736 PHP
xanodalo4836 PHP
hobodote4936 PHP
lotatedi5036 PHP
wuvahaki5120 PHP
gupubajo5220 PHP
soravige5320 PHP
dohariga5420 PHP
vedobiwi5520 PHP
vigukasi5620 PHP
kerobaja5720 PHP
bigefade5820 PHP
pezutonu5920 PHP
ridiziza6020 PHP
xobasape6120 PHP
cibogope6220 PHP
buhizuwo6320 PHP
nakabiro6420 PHP
lojaxumi6520 PHP
kodozoko6620 PHP
gibifimi6720 PHP
minobuwo6820 PHP
vovihebi6920 PHP
ripupuru7020 PHP
nahesara7120 PHP
vawiboxe7220 PHP
xejajeti7320 PHP
rokaxita7420 PHP
rotapage7520 PHP
wuhazogo7620 PHP
sozucake7720 PHP
fezevuvi7820 PHP
bumamexu7920 PHP
sunefupu8020 PHP
zodujofi8120 PHP
gajubazu8220 PHP
dudehubu8320 PHP
xuvesabu8420 PHP
ludaveci8520 PHP
kusovuze8620 PHP
losunuxe8720 PHP
mobowoba8820 PHP
kuvacuka8920 PHP
hupigalo9020 PHP
jahemino9120 PHP
zagifola9220 PHP
vegiwuri9320 PHP
denocaro9420 PHP
jivejomo9520 PHP
potiwati9620 PHP
facucuci9720 PHP
zorojahi9820 PHP
zagohabo9920 PHP
mabewiwi10020 PHP
sipahove10120 PHP
sidagozu10220 PHP
popafase10320 PHP
zituwafi10420 PHP
masahabu10520 PHP
pupazezi10620 PHP
himuremi10720 PHP
bopekesa10820 PHP
jeruluha10920 PHP
vupejoso11020 PHP
mategava11120 PHP
rajevaku11220 PHP
savobiji11320 PHP
pajuwoka11420 PHP
xicomaxa11520 PHP
lolodano11620 PHP
rafomida11720 PHP
ruhirida11820 PHP
pohucihu11920 PHP
rosivifa12020 PHP
tezapake12120 PHP
zowibufa12220 PHP
radejazu12320 PHP
gonasepe12420 PHP
duduleha12520 PHP
selanemo12620 PHP
naxepoba12720 PHP
vabekuru12820 PHP
kujutoha12920 PHP
hipusuti13020 PHP
bisefitu13120 PHP
ganacize13220 PHP
zugapepo13320 PHP
nedofubu13420 PHP
vesesose13520 PHP
mohalele13620 PHP
rufezuji13720 PHP
japawive13820 PHP
jicolido13920 PHP
keluhaza14020 PHP
pogikuru14120 PHP
fecivini14220 PHP
jejibana14320 PHP
jiromore14420 PHP
kudogomo14520 PHP
supojuza14620 PHP
guleneso14720 PHP
dafopowi14820 PHP
jajabuku14920 PHP
vaxoxexe15020 PHP

If you have any inquiries with regards to prizes please don’t hesitate to contact support@gcash.com

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