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GCash Mobile Paid Tournament Tap Wheels Winner Announcement

Congratulations and thank you for participating in GCash Mobile Game Tournament.

The Prizes you have won will be credited to your GCash account within 10 working days (Monday to Friday) after the results for the applicable Tournament Cycle are announced.

TAP WHEELS 11/20/2020

rilodewe11,500 PHP
pajiluda2500 PHP
tocazefi3500 PHP
jajabuku4500 PHP
rihomase5500 PHP
gumafedo6200 PHP
pinupezo7200 PHP
garekili8200 PHP
fijokoxi9200 PHP
zadigigi10200 PHP
xewixedo1175 PHP
melemepu1275 PHP
nebetego1375 PHP
cikatuku1475 PHP
dirotizu1575 PHP
kojihume1675 PHP
gaduzedu1775 PHP
sikugumi1875 PHP
jitezixa1975 PHP
fenaceje2075 PHP
wajugawa2136 PHP
nejikibi2236 PHP
dokexogu2336 PHP
nehojiwo2436 PHP
cutoxagi2536 PHP
wuhazogo2636 PHP
dozavusu2736 PHP
verezare2836 PHP
voxiguja2936 PHP
jahemino3036 PHP
xagaroti3136 PHP
fogujile3236 PHP
lularaje3336 PHP
xezibasa3436 PHP
gimewibo3536 PHP
kevesabo3636 PHP
pacupula3736 PHP
japunafa3836 PHP
kujutoha3936 PHP
fozijeku4036 PHP
nabobuwu4136 PHP
rukohegu4236 PHP
tolujexe4336 PHP
polofate4436 PHP
dudasuge4536 PHP
ximexecu4636 PHP
nukoxiwi4736 PHP
potiwati4836 PHP
bazisite4936 PHP
kizividi5036 PHP
gogokaxu5120 PHP
xepaziha5220 PHP
pisaxodi5320 PHP
fehutevo5420 PHP
jemuvute5520 PHP
bibaluhe5620 PHP
hojusute5720 PHP
huvipeme5820 PHP
korubetu5920 PHP
zupewuvu6020 PHP
moxatamo6120 PHP
dinogufa6220 PHP
havujuhu6320 PHP
webexoka6420 PHP
vameripa6520 PHP
pusalifi6620 PHP
dakiluja6720 PHP
zabigude6820 PHP
mategava6920 PHP
jevepaco7020 PHP
kikoxoba7120 PHP
tikadafe7220 PHP
livoceja7320 PHP
tisekiri7420 PHP
vanewebu7520 PHP
cuvegike7620 PHP
jecixefu7720 PHP
rovonupi7820 PHP
vanewuru7920 PHP
caterane8020 PHP
disufalu8120 PHP
jexusesa8220 PHP
racerine8320 PHP
vipisoru8420 PHP
tezorezi8520 PHP
bakagavi8620 PHP
nipomoli8720 PHP
vigukasi8820 PHP
dijezaca8920 PHP
zafejicu9020 PHP
faralage9120 PHP
sunefupu9220 PHP
bakuxago9320 PHP
tohawipo9420 PHP
vorokefo9520 PHP
kevetupu9620 PHP
gedalozu9720 PHP
ticagula9820 PHP
hexexebo9920 PHP
rufohaji10020 PHP
cecogumo10120 PHP
wipihixo10220 PHP
pegevugu10320 PHP
gejurubo10420 PHP
hipusuti10520 PHP
malikuke10620 PHP
mogadexu10720 PHP
vapobibo10820 PHP
sefonabu10920 PHP
puvuveva11020 PHP
rilabufe11120 PHP
biroketo11220 PHP
juxefapi11320 PHP
koripaho11420 PHP
dejabeke11520 PHP
docirugo11620 PHP
gamefuva11720 PHP
tezilara11820 PHP
nefolofe11920 PHP
nibagufo12020 PHP
vecohiwo12120 PHP
nakabiro12220 PHP
dikobihe12320 PHP
hixajuza12420 PHP
munomejo12520 PHP
woxicahe12620 PHP
zumokure12720 PHP
voponega12820 PHP
vawiboxe12920 PHP
luripeme13020 PHP
wecakozo13120 PHP
melucuwi13220 PHP
kafaxaci13320 PHP
hecozuwe13420 PHP
biwohucu13520 PHP
jilepavu13620 PHP
vonohoho13720 PHP
magekuko13820 PHP
citujezu13920 PHP
loxogaha14020 PHP
lizogera14120 PHP
tevigili14220 PHP
fatawige14320 PHP
jomavumu14420 PHP
raretuce14520 PHP
fusalubo14620 PHP
xebucofu14720 PHP
salojobu14820 PHP
dotajuhe14920 PHP
damaloco15020 PHP

If you have any inquiries with regards to prizes please don’t hesitate to contact support@gcash.com


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One reply on “GCash Mobile Paid Tournament Tap Wheels Winner Announcement”

The game LEAP OF LOVE that we join cannot record our scores..please try to fix it..we cannot see our scores and rank..

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