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GCash Mobile Paid Tournament Pixel Stars Winner Announcement

Congratulations and thank you for participating in GCash Mobile Game Tournament.

The Prizes you have won will be credited to your GCash account within 10 working days (Monday to Friday) after the results for the applicable Tournament Cycle are announced.

PIXEL STARS 11/13/2020

tekoludu12,000 PHP
gaduzedu2500 PHP
zevejawu3500 PHP
tedowepa4500 PHP
malikuke5500 PHP
wowepudu6250 PHP
lowiteku7250 PHP
pegipuno8250 PHP
jatugala9250 PHP
sogalino10250 PHP
tifasoji1175 PHP
fiwubeka1275 PHP
mupanihe1375 PHP
cobelevu1475 PHP
bulunare1575 PHP
ruzisupo1675 PHP
fiwasuvi1775 PHP
dagoxuse1875 PHP
civohibu1975 PHP
civofuki2075 PHP
gogolado2140 PHP
sarohiwi2240 PHP
nepuxura2340 PHP
huhurizi2440 PHP
nahijifu2540 PHP
subumuhu2640 PHP
ziholepe2740 PHP
sanelilu2840 PHP
cituvone2940 PHP
litidego3040 PHP
zafejicu3140 PHP
cinedoge3240 PHP
lihegixe3340 PHP
dotelafe3440 PHP
porehula3540 PHP
pajiluda3640 PHP
posidipe3740 PHP
piludato3840 PHP
ratapatu3940 PHP
cebudowa4040 PHP
dodeduji4140 PHP
keduhufe4240 PHP
vuhowahi4340 PHP
kekuniwa4440 PHP
pelibeci4540 PHP
kecojaga4640 PHP
kupahewu4740 PHP
tepepavu4840 PHP
ripowano4940 PHP
vitocozi5040 PHP
fitifibe5115.50 PHP
pecutoli5215.50 PHP
piliveso5315.50 PHP
jicajina5415.50 PHP
gosolufi5515.50 PHP
lacezidu5615.50 PHP
dorifaha5715.50 PHP
gocuxanu5815.50 PHP
lotocera5915.50 PHP
zivokili6015.50 PHP
dinogufa6115.50 PHP
wikuhahi6215.50 PHP
sozovaxe6315.50 PHP
nukireji6415.50 PHP
fuwohisu6515.50 PHP
pixesazu6615.50 PHP
libepomi6715.50 PHP
jipuwuwi6815.50 PHP
mutoluzo6915.50 PHP
tocerojo7015.50 PHP
luhopinu7115.50 PHP
tadanipo7215.50 PHP
nefisopo7315.50 PHP
mutucegu7415.50 PHP
hecugake7515.50 PHP
kafaxaci7615.50 PHP
lexotabi7715.50 PHP
xonimoli7815.50 PHP
pehupura7915.50 PHP
borufeka8015.50 PHP
wodecema8115.50 PHP
webevemu8215.50 PHP
vegiteso8315.50 PHP
wozurozu8415.50 PHP
waxonuxa8515.50 PHP
zumokure8615.50 PHP
gajubazu8715.50 PHP
mohonebi8815.50 PHP
dadupelo8915.50 PHP
lonujizi9015.50 PHP
solobeho9115.50 PHP
rotapage9215.50 PHP
wadenone9315.50 PHP
lolobaba9415.50 PHP
fikovuje9515.50 PHP
hutizohe9615.50 PHP
disitewu9715.50 PHP
rafomida9815.50 PHP
dudasuge9915.50 PHP
sicuvoni10015.50 PHP
lekahehe10115.50 PHP
zapaluge10215.50 PHP
coripotu10315.50 PHP
gariluta10415.50 PHP
cihahapu10515.50 PHP
vuxasasu10615.50 PHP
xafihace10715.50 PHP
bajecopa10815.50 PHP
niwuvoxe10915.50 PHP
fecivini11015.50 PHP
gefuwume11115.50 PHP
sunefupu11215.50 PHP
lehitoti11315.50 PHP
zezideka11415.50 PHP
xupevebu11515.50 PHP
sonitimo11615.50 PHP
vuliwicu11715.50 PHP
ligisipu11815.50 PHP
mahowifo11915.50 PHP
lurogoxa12015.50 PHP
pupomura12115.50 PHP
fajujugo12215.50 PHP
bevezowi12315.50 PHP
ziribeka12415.50 PHP
nonifugo12515.50 PHP
supajeto12615.50 PHP
jexajixu12715.50 PHP
nipenofo12815.50 PHP
runoxuhi12915.50 PHP
hezecunu13015.50 PHP
kawadivi13115.50 PHP
vepevago13215.50 PHP
gulecobi13315.50 PHP
hafohise13415.50 PHP
tevepibi13515.50 PHP
kivemibo13615.50 PHP
tukizofa13715.50 PHP
pofiheza13815.50 PHP
xexoluzi13915.50 PHP
rekogiwe14015.50 PHP
zidirapu14115.50 PHP
sumiveka14215.50 PHP
zirocuva14315.50 PHP
fidamane14415.50 PHP
zilosaga14515.50 PHP
lorufeva14615.50 PHP
hugadune14715.50 PHP
suvumexe14815.50 PHP
jezizuwa14915.50 PHP
sizukaje15015.50 PHP

If you have any inquiries with regards to prizes please don’t hesitate to contact support@gcash.com

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