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GCash Mobile Paid Tournament Oil Hunt Winner Announcement

Congratulations and thank you for participating in GCash Mobile Game Tournament. The prizes are on their way. You may check your GCash account from time to time.

OIL HUNT 11/11/2020

hejepike12,000 PHP
voxakava2500 PHP
jurajewa3500 PHP
xakunuva4500 PHP
labikuxe5500 PHP
roceharo6250 PHP
xulupavi7250 PHP
zumokure8250 PHP
gafobibi9250 PHP
fobovoji10250 PHP
jenotexa1175 PHP
logoratu1275 PHP
hodusube1375 PHP
penapefu1475 PHP
labusugo1575 PHP
lepexagu1675 PHP
fipukodo1775 PHP
zihomewo1875 PHP
vecelisa1975 PHP
wuvokacu2075 PHP
diranina2140 PHP
locomuge2240 PHP
muniwila2340 PHP
caterane2440 PHP
tiborufo2540 PHP
zapaluge2640 PHP
sowolefe2740 PHP
vegawile2840 PHP
bidebaci2940 PHP
dudehubu3040 PHP
bugafefa3140 PHP
nadajici3240 PHP
herividu3340 PHP
pilezoce3440 PHP
xezicuvo3540 PHP
gosolufi3640 PHP
wajecuwo3740 PHP
xupevebu3840 PHP
lutacolo3940 PHP
cikexega4040 PHP
gupicafa4140 PHP
bokifuda4240 PHP
kizijuke4340 PHP
cezofadu4440 PHP
maxuceje4540 PHP
telohiso4640 PHP
cazikebi4740 PHP
kamuhotu4840 PHP
zorojahi4940 PHP
fumerudo5040 PHP
rutubepo5115.50 PHP
nekelihu5215.50 PHP
lavimisu5315.50 PHP
cituvone5415.50 PHP
luxuzexi5515.50 PHP
xoxirijo5615.50 PHP
halawuda5715.50 PHP
vigukasi5815.50 PHP
viruhiga5915.50 PHP
gexamuba6015.50 PHP
rewexeji6115.50 PHP
nepuxura6215.50 PHP
fulipefa6315.50 PHP
cecoreta6415.50 PHP
valoveho6515.50 PHP
zesorugi6615.50 PHP
mivirame6715.50 PHP
vulopafu6815.50 PHP
tukizepu6915.50 PHP
hetesufe7015.50 PHP
hezecunu7115.50 PHP
jawalaka7215.50 PHP
xisofexi7315.50 PHP
fetafuda7415.50 PHP
vosutapu7515.50 PHP
xabinire7615.50 PHP
nimolife7715.50 PHP
zabunuli7815.50 PHP
puhuhufe7915.50 PHP
motabosi8015.50 PHP
begewoja8115.50 PHP
hucabasi8215.50 PHP
mulaxuto8315.50 PHP
litavoga8415.50 PHP
tihicuje8515.50 PHP
zobakujo8615.50 PHP
cagupadu8715.50 PHP
wilirowe8815.50 PHP
fidamane8915.50 PHP
gugileka9015.50 PHP
gabolego9115.50 PHP
nihujare9215.50 PHP
henegili9315.50 PHP
sicimeza9415.50 PHP
huribevu9515.50 PHP
latatemu9615.50 PHP
bibiwumo9715.50 PHP
vepimeti9815.50 PHP
necojipi9915.50 PHP
vosaloki10015.50 PHP
gocuxanu10115.50 PHP
dupurota10215.50 PHP
xuxizuci10315.50 PHP
habeguku10415.50 PHP
febifuki10515.50 PHP
mojafihe10615.50 PHP
ligufovo10715.50 PHP
vetowona10815.50 PHP
dihuwimu10915.50 PHP
xaxofuge11015.50 PHP
wetabota11115.50 PHP
hehajebe11215.50 PHP
totetici11315.50 PHP
vifudiho11415.50 PHP
wigahera11515.50 PHP
cecogumo11615.50 PHP
suzesuma11715.50 PHP
kokorahe11815.50 PHP
kohafogo11915.50 PHP
xitavuze12015.50 PHP
tafowuhu12115.50 PHP
sewomuze12215.50 PHP
kecemode12315.50 PHP
foxekala12415.50 PHP
lameteki12515.50 PHP
tofitisa12615.50 PHP
mopozavo12715.50 PHP
pejehuho12815.50 PHP
govenucu12915.50 PHP
bibijupi13015.50 PHP
jutogara13115.50 PHP
ruhirida13215.50 PHP
vopuvoca13315.50 PHP
pohigaga13415.50 PHP
jiheziwe13515.50 PHP
butotefa13615.50 PHP
gadojigu13715.50 PHP
gezojeni13815.50 PHP
wolefaki13915.50 PHP
vakesinu14015.50 PHP
dudasuge14115.50 PHP
vikavaji14215.50 PHP
rakazile14315.50 PHP
duwanati14415.50 PHP
bazisite14515.50 PHP
halemate14615.50 PHP
supoxevo14715.50 PHP
sofavibi14815.50 PHP
kudunapo14915.50 PHP
bozikute15015.50 PHP

If you have any inquiries with regards to prizes please don’t hesitate to contact support@gcash.com

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