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GCash Mobile Paid Tournament Hyper Snake Winner Announcement

Congratulations and thank you for participating in GCash Mobile Game Tournament.

The Prizes you have won will be credited to your GCash account within 10 working days (Monday to Friday) after the results for the applicable Tournament Cycle are announced.

HYPER SNAKE 11/19/2020

cenelisa16000 PHP
wexirecu21500 PHP
rufohaji31500 PHP
tixujole41500 PHP
neralari51500 PHP
xuhejiku61000 PHP
tarepuha71000 PHP
hurevesu81000 PHP
vufudoja91000 PHP
rewasofu101000 PHP
xuciluvi11500 PHP
jadorude12500 PHP
togeviku13500 PHP
rurebuse14500 PHP
xitavuze15500 PHP
sitofozo16500 PHP
buxaxoga17500 PHP
kizivupu18500 PHP
dizeveha19500 PHP
xadocido20500 PHP
natariko21100 PHP
hajisejo22100 PHP
vuwuduna23100 PHP
wunegali24100 PHP
gogokaxu25100 PHP
kimozabi26100 PHP
cunivemi27100 PHP
jatonize28100 PHP
murisifa29100 PHP
gekafobe30100 PHP
hobodote31100 PHP
risejiko32100 PHP
jutireza33100 PHP
pupazezi34100 PHP
zisiradu35100 PHP
nabobuwu36100 PHP
xojehofu37100 PHP
gefoholi38100 PHP
lokubogo39100 PHP
zemafemo40100 PHP
zegefota41100 PHP
voponega42100 PHP
papapeje43100 PHP
henoreni44100 PHP
levelisi45100 PHP
guzisene46100 PHP
mixuxiwo47100 PHP
ripupuru48100 PHP
tozomabe49100 PHP
zasakuja50100 PHP

If you have any inquiries with regards to prizes please don’t hesitate to contact support@gcash.com

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