Frequently Asked Questions

Is a B2B mobile engagement engine that turns any digital platform into a gaming powerhouse to boost engagement, reduce the cost of acquisition and increase brand awareness.

  • Our engine engages users with competitive casual gaming.
  • With the ability to customize our UI for our partners, the portal can be hosted on partner channels to drive further engagement on a branded gaming platform.
  • Prizes are customized towards our partner’s core service to drive a stronger value proposition to the end-users.

Casual eSports is a mobile gaming genre wherein people compete playing casual mobile games targeting a specific reward.

Casual mobile tournaments are scheduled game contests where every week a prize pool is decided and a specific number of players are required to join.

  • We currently support integration from mobile applications only. Web integration is in our road map and will be available soon.
  • In web applications, we usually ask our partners to provide a game icon and when that is clicked, then our you should launch our URL in a webview/iframe within the app.
  • The integration is usually pretty simple and straightforward and requires minimal work at the app level.

Mobile games are added accordingly by request.

Currently, we support all HTML5 games along with Unity WebGL games

Integration is easy and while the process is ongoing your app can still go live

There is minimal impact on the application’s size – therefore users won’t have to download anything extra. Since our site is launched in a web view/iFrame, the load time for the user will depend on the performance of our website.

  • Our platform is 100% secure and integration will not affect the mobile application in terms of security and functionality
  • Branded sponsorships
  • Complement core service
  • Increase cross-selling opportunities

You can contact us by clicking the Contact Us button located in the top of the website, fill-up the form and provide the necessary information.