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We have a powerful Gaming Platform running High Paying Ads. Host it on your Platform for FREE Forever.

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Welcome to Goama – the revolution in gaming and advertising.

Goama offers a unique way for companies to make the most of their website and mobile presence.

With Goama, creating an entirely new revenue stream is easy. If your App, Website, Blog or even a Facebook or Instagram page has more than 1,000 daily active users, we’ll integrate our automated gaming platform so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Plus, Google Ads will pay according to the number of impressions gathered from your site or app. You can take advantage of this innovative and revolutionary system without spending a dime!

How do I earn money with this program?

Our engaging games are designed specifically to create user stickiness, which means more clicks for ads and more money in your pocket.

1. We have a powerful Gaming Platform, running high paying Ads

Platform runs highly engaging hyper-casual Games which appeals to all genres and age groups. To monetize, we run High paying Ads managed by a Team of experts.

Tournament and games

2. Host this Gaming Platform in your App/Website or Blog in few easy steps

In few simple steps, Host Games on your platform. It means, Provide a CTA (Call-To-Action) on your platform, to allow your visitors to enter Gaming Platform.

3. Your visitors enter the Gaming Platform and enjoy games while generating Ads Revenue for you

It's completely free to Integrate, and Google is willing to pay based on the amount of impressions generated by them each month. Revenue increases with traffic inflow and impressions they generate, more the merrier.

user retention with games
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4. We share straight 50% of the Ad Revenue with you

Unlock increasing revenue with Google Ad Revenue! More the traffic that plays games, more your revenue. We are happy to share 50% of that Ad Revenue with you. Get ready to see more money in your pocket as your content pays off!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it FREE or will I ever have to pay any amount under any condition?
It is absolutely FREE to use. No hidden clause. Keep hosting Games on your App/Website/Blog till you want and keep making Revenue. You will never have to pay Goama a single Rupee. 🤩
How much Revenue can I earn?

It depends on your existing traffic and that comes from your platform to Goama’s Gaming Platform. Typically if you get 10000 visitors daily, you can make anywhere between $250-$700 Annually, without investing a single Rupee.

How can I track my Ad Revenue and Traffic?
You will receive weekly report in your inbox, showcasing transparently how your Platform is performing. Once you hit $100 monthly revenue, you will unlock access to our Live Dashboard, where you can track your performance as and when you want.
Why should I trust Goama?
We are in market since 2016 and work with reputed brands across globe like, Pepsico, Coca cola, Cricbuzz, FoodPanda, Jio Games etc.. Once you integrate with us, we will share the signed contract copy with Goama committing to share 50% revenue with you.
Is there any contract boundation, on till when I need to host Games?
NO, Host Games till you want. We would never want you go, but there is no contract boundation on you.

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